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Renewing Generations through Holistic and Natural Approaches...

Nzingha Women: Doorway to Healing is a Collective of Empowered Women in the Mid Hudson Valley region of New York!

Nzingha Women: Doorway to Healing

We Empower Women to Heal, Naturally!

Mission/Vision Statement: The Nzingha Women's Doorway to Healing teaches Self Reliance through Support, Education, Advocacy and Cultural Awareness. Our Workshops reduce Stress and promote Healing as well as teach Women to Empower themselves and others. As Empowered Nzingha Women, we will set foundations for our families and become Positive Contributors to our Communities.



Inspired by the Lives of Great Women who have lived throughout the ages, Nzingha Women are named after the African Warrior Queen Nzingha of Angola. The Nzingha Women's Collective is a group of Empowered Women who are making changes in our own Lives. We chose to model ourselves after this Great African who fought the unjust Colonial Powers of her time. With Inspiration arising from Nzingha and other Great Women from all over the World, we seek to Enhance the Lives of Women.

A Sacred Place for Women of All Cultures to Dance, Laugh and even Cry!