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Current Special Events/Ceremonies

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Currently One time per Month, Sister Joan Henry and the Nzingha Women Collective are meeting to develop a Rites of Passage exclusively for Women. We are excited about this Authentic Rites of Passage for our Women and are inviting you to come and find out what a Rites of Passage is, and why we are offering it to the Community!

Sis Joan Henry is in charge of the PASWORD Program at the Mill Street Loft in Poughkeepsie. Pasword stands for "Program for Adolescent Student Women Of Real Direction" and is a gender-specific arts-based program in which teenage girls meet regularly to work with professional teaching artists in a variety of disciplines. During workshops everything from painting to poetry to drama, girls learn more about themselves, their talents, and how they can empower themselves to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Sis Joan Tsalagi/Nde (Cherokee/Apache), is a talented artist and is the Earthsinger!-please see check out her website by clicking on the link below:

Contact Sister Joan Henry Here:

Call us to Find out More about the Rites of Passage!

More Native Earth Ceremonies Coming Soon!

Nzingha Women are Women of All Cultures, from All Walks of Life!

A Sacred Place for Women of All Cultures to Dance, Laugh and even Cry!