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Fundraisers and Fun-Raisers!

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The Nzingha Women: Doorway to Healing sponsors and collaborates various events and helps to obtain Funds by doing various Fund Raising Activities. We are firmly committed to helping in any area where we are ultimately contributing for the good of our people in our Community and as long as the Fund Raising is Fun Raising as well! Some of the recent Fund Raising we were involved in is the Poetry and Open Mic Night at the CubbyHole Cafe in Poughkeepsie on Raymond Avenue. The Funds we raised there, were used for the Sisters HerStory 2006. More recently another Poetry Slam at the same location was supported by Nzingha Women: Doorway to Healing for the Earth Asia Natural Skincare Black History Month Fundraiser. Nzingha Women support our Local Black Business Owners by getting involved, contributing and working alongside to make the Event successful.

Try EarthAsia Products, all Natural Shea Butter Based products, for the Best in Natural Skin Care. Call us for more Information or you may email Sis Alexis and EarthAsia at

Read About Earth Asia Products Here!

Spiritual House Cleansings, Blessings
Sacred Space Making
Altar Set Up
Call for More Information
Sistren Jah'Queen, Sistren Kaya

The Healing Bush-The Nzingha Collective Juice Bar:

Delicious Veggie and Fruit Combo's-Healing Recipes

with Herbs

Wheat Grass

and More!

The Healing Bush will be at the Poughkeepsie Farmers Market every Friday afternoon starting on June 22, 2007...Come out for Delicious and Healthy Juices and support our Collective! Call Jah'Queen for more Information 845-380-9026

Men Organizing!! We have a whole host of men with alot of Talent and Promise willing to start meetings and begin to commit to bringing more teachings, supplement education about Health, and develop programs. We have African Drummers, Yoga Instructors, Herbalists, Boxers and Physical Fitness Advocates, Spiritual Teachers and Community Leaders who are beginning to Actionize...please contact Nzingha Women for more Information!

Sis Yolanda makes Handmade Beaded Jewelry and is available to custom make your Beaded bracelets and necklaces. We have Cowrie Shell Jewelry Custom made too!!! Please email us or call for more information! email sis Yolanda at

Sis Yonah's Vege Soul Ital, Vegan Foods!!! Contact sis Yonah for more information at

Vege Soul Menu/Information:

Catering Available!

Committed to making HOME MADE Nutritious Meals, Fresh,
and Just for YOU!

All meals are 100 percent, All Natural, Vegan (Ital) and Delicious!

Order for any event, or for a private dinner, I will prepare for ANY occasion.

Please make large orders at least ONE WEEK in Advance.

Small orders need only ONE DAY in advance. You can place orders by phone: 845-309-0589.

Sides are $3.50

Individual Plate is only $7.00
includes 2 hot dishes and 1 hot vege or salad

Small Tray is $15.00
Large Tray is $30.00

Small and Large Trays are Bulk Orders

Catered Events or Dinner Prices Vary



Hot Dishes
Macaroni N "Chez"
Eggplant "Parm"
Candied Yams
Sweet Potato Mash
Battered Tofu
BBQ Tofu
Scrambled Tofu
Joffof Rice
Rice and Beans
Pancakes or Waffels

Hot Veges
String Beans
Curried Vegetables w/Potatoes
Mix Vege Supreme

Split Pea
Yellow Pea
Vege Soul
Lima Bean

Battered Tofu

Dark Green Supreme
Carrot Cabbage
Spinich Avacado
Taco Salad

Prince/Oil and Vinegar/Flax

Salsa w/Chips
Guacamole w/Chips

Fresh Pressed Fruit or Vegetable Juices
Make your own Combo's $2.50 for 1 or 2 Choices $.50 for additional picks.

Cold Busters-add garlic or ginger to any drink
Mucus Buster $1 Shot of Ginger

Peanut Spirulina
Oat and Honey
Maple and Flax Supreme
All shakes can be made w/Soy or Rice Milk- Add Vanilla Ice Cream for $.75

Also Available Fruit Shakes

Pudding Pie
Date Almond Pie
$8.00 per pie
$2.00 per slice

All Food is Vegan, No Dairy, No Eggs!

African/Hispanic Botanica in Poughkeepsie-Our Lady of Charity!! Visit Sis Gina's Spiritual Store on 36 Raymond Avenue, in the Town of Poughkeepsie near Vassar College..(same side as the CubbyHole and Juliet Cafe)to find all your African and SPIRITUAL NEEDS. Florida Waters, Herbals, All types of Candles. This store is a must visit as it has just about everything you need. Contact Sis Gina at 845-454-5191

We have the Link Ups for Natural Hair Care-Call Us for all kinds of Braiding, Natural Locks Maintenance, and African Hair Care!

Accupuncture by Sis Isis is Available! Call us for More Information!!

Seamstress Will Tailor you an African Suit! Childrens Clothes made of Natural Fabrics, and tailor made. Contact Sis Yonnah for information on Clothing made to order....845-309-0589

Community Drumming...African Drummers Available for Special Occasions and Events. Contact Sis Jah Queen for more Information..845-849-9359 or 845-380-9026

Network with Us Sisters! Come See us for more Information on How you can Advertise and Link Up for Free!

A Sacred Place for Women of All Cultures to Dance, Laugh and even Cry!