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Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

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Here are just a small sample of the kinds of Workshops, Lectures, and Events that Nzingha has presented, and helped to present to the Community. We encourage you to call us with what you would like to see available to you each week!

Special Event for Women (and Girls ages 14 and up, of Color)Sisters HerStory-A Day of Rejuvenation for Spirit, Mind and Body- Holistic Health Conference with Sis Ranahnah Afriye and the Poughkeepsie Collective. Nzingha Women collaborate in making a One Weekend, Alternative and Holistic Health Conference exclusively for Women of Color. Workshops included: Body Image and Self Esteem, Natural Birthing and Holistic Health for Mama and Baby, Sex and our Bodies, Stress Reduction, Eating for the Seasons: An Introduction to Chinese Medicine, Creating Sacred Space, Home Remedies for Healing Naturally, African Dance and Drum, Yoga and Meditation, Rantfest with We Got Issues!

God's Eye Sees Adrinka Symbol

All about Reiki

An informative lecture on the practice of Reiki by a Master Teacher Mr. Scott Way.

A Commandment "Do not Kill"...Adrinka Symbol

Accupressure Seminar and Chinese Medicine Lecture by Sister Grace

Truth...Adrinka Symbol...We must engrave this on our Hearts!

We are Currently Planning More Workshops and Lectures for the Sadie Peterson Delaney African Roots Library and our Community in Poughkeepsie, New York. We would like to hear from you, about the kinds of programming you are interested in! Call the Library at 845-452-6088 X3343 and leave a Message for the Nzingha Women!

A Sacred Place for Women of All Cultures to Dance, Laugh and even Cry!