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About Us

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Founder-Jah'Queen Gizel Brewer


Sister Jah'Queen Gizel, a Fulfilled Rastafari, mother of 5 Beautiful Children, is the Founder of Nzingha Women: Doorway to Healing. Sis Jah'Queen is an Herbalist and a Cultural African Sister who Advocates for Natural Health and Wellness. Sister Queen is a Visionary who inspires the Creativity of everyone around her and is truly the Drive behind the Nzingha Women Collective, encouraging Sisters to step up, live up and heal up! Sister Jah'Queen has had alot of experience before founding Nzingha. She was a park ranger, an emergency medical technician and a caregiver and direct care associate for the developmentally disabled. Sis Jah'Queen owns a business (Natural Bath Care, called JahWorks) and is currently applying for the 'Not for Profit' status for Nzingha. Sister Jah'Queen has been involved in the programming at the Sadie Peterson Delaney African Roots Library, on the Board of Directors and where she participates in all of the various programs and still does various events, such as Juneteenth and Black History Month as well as the Kwanzaa Celebrations. She is also a certified Natural Birth Doula, and her brand new business "Labor of Love" comes under the Nzingha Services here. Sis Jah'Queen is an honest and blessed Sister, who is truly "LIVICATED" to making a difference in Womens lives by way of Healing Naturally.

Co-Founder Kaya IsesaJah Stewart


Sis Kaya IsesaJah is a Fulfilled Rastafari, Mother of Three wonderful Youth, and a Scientist by Trade. She graduated from Marist College and attended New York Medical College where her major was General Pathology. Although she no longer does work in the Laboratory, she has a vast amount of experience in Research and particularly Disease Research, involving both Microbes and Viruses. Sis Kaya was at the forefront of the Lyme Disease Epidemic and helped to develop an advanced testing method, for diagnosis of the disease. In the 90's Sis Kaya was responsible for developing the areas first Western Blot Standards for Lyme. She helped to set up Westchester's HIV Laboratory with her contributions and did testing and participated in numerous testing certifications for the Lab. She most recently was involved in the research methods for testing for West Nile Virus and Cytomegalovirus in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients at New York Medical College and The Department of Laboratories and Research, in Westchester until she retired in 2003. Since that time, she has focused on raising her children and teaching for her local School District. She is still very involved with the Sadie Peterson Delaney African Roots Library and has been a crucial volunteer for many programs, maintaining the websites for the Library and Nzingha Women and serving on the Board of Directors. Sister Kaya has been very interested in Energy Work and is currently studying to advance in these techniques. Kaya has a deep love for Music and Art and loves to write. Kaya has also been described as being very resourceful when it comes to troubleshooting and problem solving and loves to advocate for her people. She has great organizational skills and is happiest when she is busy and utilizing her talents. Sister Kaya has studied Meditation for 5 years and is a lucid dreamer, which she uses to Vision and Guide. Sister Kaya helped to co-found the Nzingha Women: Doorway to Healing and assists Sis Jah'Queen.

A Sacred Place for Women of All Cultures to Dance, Laugh and even Cry!